About Amica

Amica is a marketing and manufacturing company focusing on fish material. Since 2002 Amica has been producing tasty, dried fish snacks (Fish Jerky) from high quality raw material available each time.  Today we employ approx. 50 people on yearly basis in a country which is just 330,000 inhabitants. We have a large market share in Iceland in the dried fish production sector. We sell our products all over the world, like in Europe, North America, and Asia. 

Amica’s wide range of products ensures that everyone finds something to their interests, whether it is traditional dried fish (Hardfiskur), dried fish snacks or protein snack chips or bites. Amica is a leading company in processing and marketing dried fish products on the local as well as the global market. Our objective is to increase consumption of dried seafood snacks in Iceland and abroad by offering a healthy and good product that promotes a healthy lifestyle and enhances quality of life.

We produce high value products from fresh fish harvested in Icelandic waters. The products are sold all over the world, with the largest markets being Europe and North America. Respect for the environment and the marine ecosystem is the basis for our operations and every effort is made to respect the ocean for the benefit of future generations.

Although we manufacture a diverse range of products the Icelandic fish is our specialty. In all, we produce and market over 30 different products. Approximately 40% of our sales come from outside Iceland.

All our products a made with 100% green energy. Our production plant is in the outskirt of the Reykjavik area. Our focus is to take an active part in shaping the future of a sustainable fisheries that is based on innovation, development, and sustainability where we emphasize the understanding and respect for society where our suppliers and and the environment go hand in hand with healthy and profitable operations.

Amica’s role is to increase value creation in the fisheries sector. Amica creates value for employees, customers, shareholders, and the society. Our suppliers exercise responsible fisheries and processing with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation where the fisheries sector is a backbone of Icelandic society.

With a stable supply of seafood of the highest quality and systematic sales and marketing, Amica’s seafood products are sought-after and deliver benefits to all. We want to play a leading role when it comes to social responsibility with great emphasis on environmental issues.

The company has established a clear human resources policy with an emphasis on equality and safety for staff.