100% Natural Dog Treats
Made from fresh Icelandic Fish

Amica dog treats are 100% natural dog treats made from fresh Icelandic Fish.

It started as a happy accident

It started as a happy accident. Our families run Von Iceland, the most popular producer of traditional Icelandic dried seafood snacks (for humans). These snacks are a locally beloved superfood, packed with healthy nutrients, proteins and vitamins. So what’s the harm in giving our four-legged best friends the treats we love so much? Of course, our dogs loved them too! 

Long story short, our best friends were extremely excited when we came home from work and gave them our snacks. We tried drying different types of fish; cod, saithe, haddock and wolffish, to give our furry buddies a varied diet. Then we brought dried fish skins from work, which are really chewy and keeps our dogs as busy as chewing bones. 

That’s when we noticed it: Their fur started to look healthier, shinier and beautiful… A very visible effect of the healthy nutrients in the snacks. We immediately knew that more dogs needed to try these super treats. So we founded AMICA — a suitable name that means ‘friend’ in latin. Today, Amica Treats remains a family owned company, making dog treats from 100% locally caught fresh fish.

Freeze Dried Dog Treats

How do we preserve all the natural nutrients from fresh fish all the way from Iceland to your puppy’s snack bowl? The key is to freeze dry the fish quickly after the local fishermen return to harbour with their catch. This traditional method preserves almost all the vitamins, proteins and nutrients of the fish. 

Amica dog treats contain nothing but fresh fish caught, prepared and dried locally in Iceland. The traditional methods we use have been used by local fishermen for centuries, so we’re proud to keep this age-old Icelandic tradition alive.

One ingredient with many healthy benefits

Our treats are made from 100% clean dried fish with no added ingredients. It’s rich on protein, vitamins and minerals. The B12 vitamin in fresh fish helps keep your dog’s fur coat and by gnawing our tasty chewy skins it will help to keep the teeth clean and healthy. Each treat is rich on Omega 3 and digestive proteins. The fish we use are a natural superfood that boost the physical heath of your pet’s joints, skin, hair, heart, eyes, weight, and helps in the development of mind and memory. — Plus, dogs just simply love the taste!

At the same time, our human-grade snacks are free from all the things you don’t want your pets to eat; gluten, grains, and saturated fats. So you can treat your four-legged friends to snacks with a conscience as clean as our treats.  

Our Team

Amica is owned by two families that Mr. Johannes Egilsson and Thor Hauksson represent as managing directors.

Mr. Johannes Egilsson, MD & owner

B.Sc. in Business Administration & MBA Business

Extensive and successful sales and marketing experience in the sea food market for the past 20 years.

Early career was marketing project management and sales in various sectors.

Married with 3 kids.

Mr. Thor Hauksson, MD & owner

BA, MA & MBA Economics and Finance

Extensive and successful experience in building up and operating companies for the past 25 years.

Early career was international experience in heading investments, private equity funds and corporate finance.

Various board experience in various listed companies – also certified board member by FME Iceland and FCA UK.

Married with 3 kids.

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