Do the fish treats contain any preservatives?

Amica Dog Treats are 100% pure and made from fresh Icelandic fish caught by the local fisherman. It contains only one ingredient, FISH, that’s it. No preservatives or added ingredients.

What method do you use to dry it?

Handmade and prepared by our passionate workers and freeze dried with our own local freeze-dried method that helps us to keep all the nutrients and taste that makes our products so super healthy and super tasty.

Do dogs eat fish?

Yes for sure, they love the taste and smell of the products and will keep asking you for more. But it does not only taste good, its also super good for their health. Rich in Protein, Omega 3, vitamins, and minerals.

What about allergic and stomac discomfort

Amica Dog Treats are 100% pure and natural made from only one ingredient. They are hypoallergenic, gluten free, wheat free. It does not contain any preservatives or additives.

How many treats can we give our dog?

Because our Icelandic dog treats contains really low fat it does not harm your dog’s diet. But we suggest to only take the proposed daily dosage, since the vitamins your dog’s take are enough.

It smells of fish.

Yes, it smells fishy and that is what your dog loves about them. But at the same time our product comes in resealable bags that keeps the smell inside the bag when closed.

How are the treats preserved?

We recommend keeping the products in closed bag in dry and cool place before and after opening.

What raw material do you use?

We use only fresh fish caught in the fresh waters around Iceland. We mainly use fresh Cod, wolffish, haddock or saithe in our products.